How to Pray for Your Marriage?

The honest truth is that very few of us intercede for our wife and marriage with any degree of regularity. We assume if “it ain’t broke” we really don’t need to worry about fixing it. Question is – what are we missing out on? What could our marriage be like? In every other endeavor of life (fishing, hunting, golf, tennis, work, etc.) we put in countless hours and significant financial resources in order to excel.

What about our marriage? Do we really want to excel? Do we want to have the best, most fulfilling marriage possible? Or, do we settle for “okay”, or “pretty good”? Each of us knows full well, that we will get out of something what we put into it. We will truly reap what we sow.

SO – here is another tool to help you rise above “okay”. Print this prayer out and keep it with you. Pray it often, and see what God will do in your life, and in your marriage.

Crafted Prayer for Husbands

Open My Eyes

  • Lord, help me the bigger picture and purpose for my marriage.
  • Please give me a fresh glimpse today of Your perfect provision in my wife.
  • Help me know how You would have me love her today.
  • Help me see my wife’s good and bad qualities as Your hand in making me like You.
  • Show me how to love her as You love Your church and how to give myself up for her.
  • Help me see that a strong marriage and Godly home life are primarily my responsibility.

Search My Heart

  • Transform my cold heart and renew a passion for relational intimacy with my wife.
  • Cleanse me of everything that has kept me from fully enjoying her as Your provision.
  • Do a deep work in me to expose and root out all self-centeredness, fear and pride.
  • Help her forgive my stubborn independence, self focus and reliance, and prayerlessness.
  • Give me the desire and strength to become the leader she deserves, as I follow You.
  • Please refine me and make me the man who earns her respect and love.

Lord, Forgive Me

  • For not believing that You made my wife specifically for me and brought her to me.
  • For rejecting Your goodness and thinking my wife was there to meet my needs.
  • For thinking of her as my servant and the one who would bring me fulfillment and happiness.
  • For doubting that You are able to lead my marriage and rejuvenate our relationship.
  • For making so many decisions without seeking her input and prayer.
  • For being so selfish and neglecting my responsibility to cherish and nourish my wife.

Change My Focus

  • Help me to finally see that You are interested in my marriage and are eager to lead me.
  • Help me take my focus off my self and focus on the needs of my wife.
  • Help me desire to know my wife at a deeper, more intimate level. Help me make time.
  • Would you “work in me to will and to do of your good pleasure” in my marriage.
  • Would you destroy every lie I have listened to about my wife not being what I really need, and allow me to experience great victory in our relationship today.

Lord, Would You

  • Show me how to love my wife today.
  • Give me a passion to know her and what I can do to please You as her husband.
  • Help me involve her in seeking Your direction for the decisions we must make.
  • Help me initiate prayer with her as we seek Your will as to how I should invest our days, and nights, our money and our time.
  • Renew a passion to love her, even when she is unlovely, and trust the results to You.
  • Help me give up my rights and expectations regarding marriage and simply follow You.
  • Help us experience great breakthroughs in our marriage today.

Your marriage matters,



About Rob

Married to my high school sweetheart for 40 years. Blessed to be a frequent speaker at marriage and men's conferences, retreats and seminars. Author of 4 books on marriage. Check out resources at

8 responses to “How to Pray for Your Marriage?

  1. Jay M Hahn

    I’ve been reading the Wife’s version of this and it blew me away. I read the first chapter 3 times because each time it was deeper and hit another spot to view, react, and respect what was right in front of me.

  2. love this site – it’s a great blog – may i suggest you get an rss feed.

  3. Thanks for giving me this list. I’ll definitely use it. Congratulations on your nomination for the top-marriage-blogs contest.

    [I did a prayer and fasting session for my wife a few weeks back and posted about it on my blog: ]

  4. rocklioness

    How I wish my husband is like you.

  5. Akinniyi Olubanke Olaronke

    i love dis and i pray dat God wil help me.

  6. Very convicting. Thanks for defending marriage. Full Armor!

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