Every Day Can be Turkey Day

Yes guys, you can be a turkey every day…..if you choose to be.

Thanksgiving is a fabulous season. We should all give thanks and give it regularly and bountifully. We are all truly blessed. Thanksgiving day is especially fabulous for most of us. We get the chance to a) be off work, b) eat more than enough great food, and c) enjoy laying around watching football. What a day!

If we’re not careful though, we can get very comfortable with this festival of selfish delights. We can allow “the women to do all the women’s work”, and simply appear at the table in time to say a quick blessing before gorging ourselves into a state of stupor. Then, while “the women do the women’s work”, we lumber back into the den to scratch, belch and watch more football. The event can easliy turn into a “me-fest” if we’re not deliberate.

Yes, I know I am meddling on a sacred day, but I want to make the point that there is no day when we are exempt from loving our wives sacrificially. Need some tips? Here are a few, but please respond with a few of your own…

Stop by the store on Wednesday and pick up some fresh-cut flowers for the house.

Make sure you help pick up, clean up the kitchen, dining areas and “after-meal” area before company comes.

Be available to help decorate, cook, carve, etc. Don’t assume all that is woman’s work.

Make sure the entryway to your house is attractive and welcoming to guests. Rake leaves, sweep off porch.

Help put away dishes, wash dishes, etc.  Be available to help her get out of the kitchen as fast as possible and enjoy her family too.

Your ideas?

Don’t be a turkey this week. This is a great opportunity to demonstrate how much you love her. Take advantage of it.



About Rob

Married to my high school sweetheart for 40 years. Blessed to be a frequent speaker at marriage and men's conferences, retreats and seminars. Author of 4 books on marriage. Check out resources at allinmariage.org.

One response to “Every Day Can be Turkey Day

  1. Excellent advice!
    I’ve always tried to help (even when that help was to stay out of the way). With so much prep going on there is always something that can be done.

    Another suggestion is to help keep the kids occupied. Play with the kids in a different room, it provides excellent bonding time, and they can easily be “forgotten” as the grown-ups socialize. They’ll love the attention!

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