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This month, an 82-year-old former Nepalese foreign minister has died on the slopes of Mount Everest while attempting to become the oldest person to climb the world’s highest mountain. Last year Swedish mountaineer and professional skier Fredrik ”Frippe” Ericsson fell to his death while attempting to become the first man to ski down from the summit of the mighty 28,253-foot K2, the world’s second tallest peak.  He was 35.

Base jumping from a bridge. Driving a motorcycle over 375 mph. Kayaking over falls. Diving from cliffs. The list goes on and on. Through the years men have tried some amazing stunts, and many have lost their lives in the process. But why? It seems there is something inside us that beckons us to conquer, to master and to achieve.

I can vividly remember as a young boy getting bored with my roller skates. They just weren’t challenging enough. So, I took the skates off the bottoms and screwed them onto the back of a small piece of board to create a new-fangled gizmo called a skateboard. Helmet? No need. Elbow and knee pads? Hadn’t been invented yet. But the danger factor only increased the adrenaline rush.

What is your big challenge today? Lowering your golf score? Catching your trophy bass? Conquering a difficult video game? Getting a raise? Making your 2011 sales goals? Losing that spare tire? Quitting smoking? Learning a new language, or getting an advanced degree? Chances are most of us are working on a challenge of some kind.

Here’s one for all of us to consider?

Becoming a world-class husband. Are any of us really working on that? Are we in training? Do we spend hours a week attempting to do it better? Do we invest much of our time, energy or money in pursuit of this elusive goal?

Sadly, the answer for most guys I know (myself included) is no. Somehow we feel that if we just keep going to church, work hard to make a living, and try to not get derailed morally – that things will be just fine. It always amazes me that we will send so much more time planning a fishing or golf outing than planning a weekend getaway with our wife. We’ll spend lots of money on fishing tackle or golf lessons, but how much have we spent on a great marriage book or seminar? Okay – you get the idea.

Here’s the challenge……….

Get a copy of ReNEWed, a 30-Day Devotional for Husbands, by sending a mere $10 check to MarriageKeepers Ministries (address below). Retail price is $12.50, so consider it a bargain. I will even pay the shipping. What a deal?

See if you can devote 30 days of your life to improving your relationship with God and with your wife. Honestly, what could be more important? Here’s the guarantee: if you will devote the time to read, write and pray what is in the devotional – and you honestly feel your relationship with God and your wife does not improve during that time – send me an email and I will send your $10 back, no questions asked.

Grab a buddy and challenge each other. Are you up to it?


MarriageKeepers Ministries, 1901 Hillsborough Lane, Little Rock, AR, 72212


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Married to my high school sweetheart for 40 years. Blessed to be a frequent speaker at marriage and men's conferences, retreats and seminars. Author of 4 books on marriage. Check out resources at

One response to “Your Next Challenge

  1. John C Carroll

    I just finished my 30 day Devotional Challenge (I crammed it neatly into 50 days) and all of you men need to hear this…My wife was unaware that I was doing the 30 Day Challenge, but she did know that I had read “Husband: A User’s Guide”. I am living proof that a dedicated effort through the 30 Day challenge bears beautiful fruit. For me, it was oh-so-sweet because my wonderful bride took me into her arms on two different occasions and said “I can tell you are making a huge effort to be a Godly husband and I appreciate it. I want you to know it shows.”
    Men, I can ASSURE you that is God at work because left alone to be a good husband I fail, but with Him I am soaring to new heights. I’m not patting myself on the back either and fully realize Satan has his sights on me, BUT I am going to make the 30 Day Challenge a daily read along with “Husband: A User’s Guide” to focus on my greatest earthly gift, my wife. I encourage each of you to get these two books and devote yourself to God’s vision of marriage.
    We are all “in training”. Why try to dig a hole without a shovel ? Take the “Challenge”.

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