It’s Lonely Out There

Having been a husband for almost 35 years, I know it can be a very lonely place. Husbands tend to be men – and men tend to be posers. We keep up appearances. “We’re fine” – is our automatic response to most questions – especially about our marriage.

We have a cruel tendency to ignore, or put off, most marital issues and somehow think things will get better if we do. We also are notorious in our inability to talk openly about the things that flood our heart and mind all the time, namely – the things we are afraid of (failure, sickness, our lives being insignificant, etc.) – the things we wish people knew about us (our need for acceptance, friendship and significance) and the real challenges we face in our marriages (pornography, masturbation, lack of sex with wife, not measuring up as a husband or father) and so much more.

Men typically connect with other men through shared activities – sports, hobbies, and such – but we rarely talk about what’s going on in our lives – deep down in there.

Well, here is a place where you can sign in anonymously, and hopefully find some sage advice, a pat on the back, a kick in the butt or some practical, game-proven tips and techniques that may help you along the way. Come join us and help us help our fellow husbands.



About Rob

Married to my high school sweetheart for 40 years. Blessed to be a frequent speaker at marriage and men's conferences, retreats and seminars. Author of 4 books on marriage. Check out resources at

One response to “It’s Lonely Out There

  1. lastinglewis

    I hae been married a little over 8 months and it has been amazing. I feel like each month has gotten more fun and easier.

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